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Menu Confiance

〜 Amuse bouche 〜



Steamed shrimp and mushrrom in a pot

Ishikari 〜

Miso soup jelly made of salmon

with miso flavor salmon roe


Cutlet style 

comte cheese sauce

Sawara 〜

Slightly cooked Spanish mackrel

with Japanese sake sauce

Managatsuo 〜

Chacol grilled  Japanese butterfish

gomtang soup

Cappellini 〜

Tomato and sherry vinegar


Roasted lambmadeira sauce

〜 Last 

Safran rice dumpling

〜 Fromage 

Cheese trolley

( +¥3,300 )

Les Desserts

Grapes 〜

Several kinds of grapes with Green tea jelly

Chestnut 〜

Apple, balsamic and coffee

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